Making money online is much harder than most people believe. So many people get lured into the “make money online” or “internet marketing” lifestyle by the promise of quick riches (like you will easily make $1000 by tomorrow morning in your underpants).
Because of the low barriers to entry thousands of people enter the make money online game every single day. The problem is that there is so much information about making money online that they get overwhelmed. The problem with the information is that it is scattered all over the place and is very time consuming to find.
Running an online business takes time, effort, dedication and preferably a bit of money to get started.
Finally there is a comprehensive free resource available to new internet marketing entrepreneurs (or people that have been at it for a while who have still not made money or are frustrated and confused) that shows them the big picture or the internet marketing roadmap that needs to be followed for success.
It is in the form of 5 hours of video training, broken up into 10 bite sized chunks. It is called The Internet Marketing Gameplan or TIMGP for short. It is sponsored by the largest internet marketing resource directory on the planet called
There are really only six steps to master when it comes to making money online but be warned…the devil is in the detail. These videos set out the 6 steps and then they show you what detail is involved in each of these 6 steps.
The second last video in the series discussed 7 different business models that you can choose and then the last video shows you a practical application of how to apply what you have learned in the first 9 videos so that you can internalise it and start making money.
The creator, James Molfetas, said that his goal in creating these videos was to save people from the frustration that he went through when he started online. It took him over a year to make his first dollar online, but this is too long for most people, so that need quick results and that is what these videos should provide.
After watching all ten videos, you will be able to design your own personalised business plan which suits your personality and available resources.
For more information on how to get instant access to this incredible video series you can check out this short video:

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