In searching for a vacation recently our editors, ran across this offer and wanted to share it. My husband and I were trying to find a vacation that would be affordable. We always put off taking a vacation because by the time you pay for your accommodation, most of the vacation budget is already gone! We usually end up on forgoing a weeklong vacation and settle for spending a night or two locally.

This year, that all changed! Checking my morning emails, I came across an offer for an 8 day / 7 night resort stay from Luxury Resorts Worldwide. I immediately did my research and found that there were thousands of resort options on their website.

The reviews on Luxury Resorts Worldwide were equally impressive as the offer itself. All I had to do was purchase the voucher for $395, and once I register it on their website, I have access to thousands of resorts, 8 days and 7 nights to choose from. That’s how much we pay for a one-two night stay locally! Now we were getting the entire week for that price. Hello vacation!

We purchased the deal through and the process was so simple! I registered, and booked my vacation all within two weeks. The hardest part was deciding where we could go! Since we were saving so much on the accommodations, we could spend some money on flights. That opened up a lot of options for us!

After great debate, Vegas won, I lost. However, it was one of the most memorable vacation experiences we have had! Pool side tanning, slot machines and Celine Dion (he lost.) I feel accomplished in saving a lot on the accommodation side and in bringing back the weeklong vacation!

If you haven’t seen it before and are looking for an affordable vacation, Luxury Resorts Worldwide is an absolute must!

By admin