If you are interested in getting an ambigram tattoo, you should try creating your design at http://www.FlipScript.com/ambigram-tattoos.aspx, the home of the finest ambigram tattoos available today. Ambigram tattoos can say anything you like, in either direction.
This video shows how you can create a FlipScript design that you can read upright and upside down, and get an instant free preview of what it will look like. The video shows ambigram designs saying LOVE / HOPE, LOVE / FAITH, LOVE / PAIN, LOVE / HATE and LOVE / LIVE.
And that’s just the beginning. The video goes on to show suggestions for living a better life like LIVELIFE, LIVETHEMOMENT, LIVETHEDREAM and SEIZETHEDAY / CARPEDIEM.
Finally, the video concludes with the creation of a couple of ambigram names, and invites you to try creating your own free ambigram tattoo previews. If you decide to order, your ambigram tattoo will be available in your inbox within seconds and will be a crystal clear, high resolution rendering that will blow you away with its artistic precision. It’s free to try. Check it out today.

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