UK Legal Hub researcher Chloe Mattison shares her latest findings on the accident at work and

compensation claims market in the UK. Many accident at work solicitors claim to be able to

recoup the best possible payout, yet all too often will fail to live up their promise.

Chloe and the team at the UK Legal Hub are renowned for their diligent, methodical approach to

the legal services review and this is yet another example of why their blog now attracts well

over 100,000 unique visitors from the UK, every single month.

Whilst you *may* win your work accident compensation claim by allowing one of these solicitors

to represent you, you’ll likely experience long frustrating delays, weak legal advice, and a

probable reduction in the amount of compensation you receive. Based on our research, this could

be anything up to £2,500 for an average accident at work claim.

are you educated about accidents at work


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