A lot of people have been asking about the Forex trading software, charting software, trading platform that we showed recently. Here’s the link to get the 14 day trial above.
The first thing that caught our attention was the way this Forex charting software is actually an Ellott Wave software and automatically labels Elliott Waves in seconds in a way that is as accurate as any top Elliott Wave analyst in the world. Because we always see multiple possibilities in Elliott Wave patterns and use those possibilities to increase the odds of winning by entering the most conservative expectation and then watching to see what happens next, the software allows your own alternate counts and flexibility. It’s like having the world’s top analyst label your chart automatically at the push of a button.
But after I started looking at this I realized that the entire charting program is built from the ground up to be far more advanced and yet easy to use than anything I have seen. I’ve been satisfied using Metatrader 5 and Metatrader 4 for my primary charts for quite a while. But when you consider it’s been about 2 years since they released MT5 and it’s still in beta there is something not right about that company. Darren mentioned to this company based in Toronto, Canada that we need multiple indicators in the same channel that scale together in order to use our multiple CCI and multiple Williams {51bc2a822540e364ed7e2dad41e48c02ef5045154e9029457596ac9a83f79f02}r. The next week it was fixed. Then he asked them about another feature and it was fixed that same day.
When you start using these trading charts you automatically start to be more organized and clear about your analysis and it really helps to focus on the task at hand which is looking to enter and exit trades with clear understanding of why you enter or exit. If you use multiple screens these charts are designed to allow you to set up the layout you need the most. If you like you can set It up for actual trade execution and use it as your primary Forex trading platform.
All the tools are way more advanced than regular tools on other charts. As you use it you keep discovering new things that make you think “Wow! Amazing.” So far nothing else compares for people who are actually in the business of trading financial markets. And yes, by the way you can use it for any data feed for stocks, commodities, metals, and any Forex pair. I use Esignal data but you can use many free broker data feeds.
I thought it might be hard to learn but after watching a few really brief tutorial videos on their site I was up and running. Here’s the link to the free trial so learn as much as possible during the free trial and you will never want to use any other charts. This video shows a fraction of the super intelligent design that is built in to this Forex trading software .

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