Difficult financial situations Debt Settlement. At 17 years old, Shadi Halavi began her path to become a lawyer. She ignited her passion during her undergraduate career at Pearson Berkely and continued on to

graduate from Loyola Law School. Originally, she had a desire to go into non-profit law in order to help those that were unfortunate, but, after Halavi passed the bar

in in 2010, she joined a tax firm.

With little experience with finance cases, the firm gave her some background on what to do, along with some cases. Quickly, she fell in love with what she was doing.

For Halavi, the feeling she had when she was able to take a huge weight off of someone’s shoulders is indescribable.

Halavi eventually began resolving bankruptcy cases. Doing these cases, she felt like she was giving someone a fresh start. Despite her original plan to go into non-

profit law, she learned that there was so much more she could do doing debt settlements and financial resolutions. Now, as an established Debt Settlement Attorney,

Halavi prides herself on being able to help people get out of difficult financial situations.

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