Epidemic of Zombies big news. When you don’t know, what is coming next. The few survivors, living in the fallout,
whoa re fighting the dangers of a mutated nature. But, then again mankind was always
its own worst enemy. Thats where My Secret Island begins. What was yesterday
The dead walk – Movie.

Get ready to scream – CUZ IT’S OUT!
The zombie post-apocalyptic music video is now out on the web,
which is full of great music, sick scenes, and of course….zombies!
It’s a music video that will sweep the nation with it’s originality, rockin’ music,
and incredible characters! One of the things that will make your spine chill with fear
and insane awesomeness is a blood-curdling character…..doctor death… . Doctors
are supposed to heal and treat the wounded right? Well this doctor only has a few
things on his mind…..torture, torment, and zombie injections!!!!
While of course rocking along to kickass music….. . In this zombie “musical” humanity
is at the brink of extinction and zombie’s are the only one’s left on earth, which is well……scary. On this adventure through the futuristic zombie period – 2031, you experience an amazing video, an incredible song “What was Yesterday….”, and the chance to be endured in the music of the walking dead…….

New album available worldwide:
Musicload: http://goo.gl/N43Nz4 

Amazon:  http://goo.gl/aiqr0O

iTunes: http://goo.gl/BNV4xd 




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