This forex trading video is a great intro into the world of bank trading in the forex market. Everyday only 10 banks control well over 70{51bc2a822540e364ed7e2dad41e48c02ef5045154e9029457596ac9a83f79f02} of the volume in the forex market. Because so much of the volume is controlled by such a small group of organizations it creates a struggle for liquidity everyday. To better illustrate this point we must think about basic market fundamentals. For every buyer there is a seller, and for every seller there is a buyer. You cannot sell what someone else is not willing to buy, and you cannot buy what someone is not selling.
As a result the mega banks (Smart Money) must manipulate the market to induce retail forex traders into either buying or selling. By doing this they artifically create more liquidity which allows them to enter much larger positions in the forex market. As retail forex traders we can learn to trade forex by tracking intra day banking activity. This live forex training seminar covers basic forex trading strategies used to track the mega banks. Though smart money does drive the market, they do have a clear disadvantage. This disadvantage is that of being so large that it takes longer periods of time to enter as well as to exit positions. Because of this they leave a figurative foot print in the sand that retial traders all over the world are beginning to learn to follow.
A proper forex education is required to understand and track the mega banks. Once a trader understands how the banks trade however they can then take the same trades as them. This is a massive advantage to the average forex trader. As we discussed in the beginning less than 10 banks control over 70{51bc2a822540e364ed7e2dad41e48c02ef5045154e9029457596ac9a83f79f02} of the volume in the forex market on a daily basis. Because of this they control the next direction, and drive every forex trend on a daily basis. As a result if you learn to trade forex by tracking the banks you will by default profit with the banks. Check out this in depth forex training video for more information on tracking intra-day banking activity in the forex marketplace.

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