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Catch 82 offers an innovative way for athletes (and others who just want to improve their current levels of fitness) to reach their goals. The owner of Catch 82, Aaron Bergman is an ex-pro athlete himself, and understands what it takes to succeed and motivate others to give their best.

Whether your sport is volleyball, softball, baseball, soccer, or even beach volleyball, Aaron and his team can design a specific fitness program that will help your game. If you looking for some of the best experts in physical fitness Fort Myers has to offer. Aaron welcomes informal inquiries from prospective clients of all ages, so contact him today via his website.

The video featured in this segment was shot at:

Catch 82 Speed Inc.
3842 Ironbridge Blvd
Fort Myers, FL 33916


Are you asking questions like:

– “What is the best way to loose weight?”

-“What is the best way to get in shape ?

-“Where can I find a workout plan that is right for me?

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