BioShock Infinite is the prequel to the hit video games BioShock and Bioshock2, BioShock Infinite rushes up from the underwater world to introduce gamers to the brand new, airborn city of Columbia. This is the third installment to the BioShock games, and is set to come out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 26th, 2013.

Elizabeth, one of the main characters, has been held captive in Columbia for some fifteen years, and must be saved at the beginning of the game. Players will start out their adventure as the game’s protagonist, BookerDeWitt, as they try to fly into the floating city of Columbia, where they must find Elizabeth. Finding the city proves a little hard, as it disappeared some time before.

At some point after its disappearance, Columbia has become torn between two different ideas of the American dream and has fallen into a civil war, making the player’s job a little more difficult. The two factions of the war are The Founders and the Vox Populi. The Founders are a group of nationalists, religious faction. The Vox Populi, which is Latin for “voice of the people”, disagrees with the views of the Founders, and several attacks between the two have taken place already.

While set some forty years before the original BioShock, this game still holds onto some of the same game play. Players will find themselves in a first shooter world where superhuman powers are possible. Using “vigors”, basically the same thing as “plasmids” from the first two games, players can use the bottled up superhuman powers at will.

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