Google Apps Resellers are companies that have been vetted by Google and have the ability to resell Google Apps. There are many reasons why you should work with Google Apps.
First, if you need to migrate legacy data to Google Apps, then many resellers have specialized skills that differentiate them against competitors. Indeed, each reseller has their own unique set of migration skills and expertise.
Second, partners have the ability to provide Google Apps training services customized to your needs. While Google is a great innovator and Google Apps itself is very easy to use, large organizations still require training and change management. Google relies on its partners to deliver such services. In addition to training your end-users, you should also be concerned with specific classes of users such as administrative assistants (who rely heavily on communication and collaboration solutions). Last but not least, even your IT employees may require training in how to properly administer the Google Apps service to their user base.
Resellers can also provide additional services that are integrated with Google Apps, such as custom software development. In many cases, your internal systems may need integration points with Google Apps. You may have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or Knowledge Management system that needs to send receive emails, read/write to your Google Calendar, or interact with Google Docs. Reseller firms are ideal for situations involving custom software development.
Lastly, you may feel more comfortable working with a local company, in which case you should definitely interview a local reseller.
All of these factors drive down the total cost of Google Apps for your organization. Being $50/year per mailbox, the basic price of Google Apps is not very high to begin with. However, the true value of Google Apps can be measured by the increased productivity of your employees and by extension the improved profitability of your business.

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