If you have ever looked at charts for Forex trading and looked for those Forex signals that represent the point to enter a trade or exit a trade then you already know how confusing and frustrating it can be if you are not looking at the right things.
The term “pivot points” is often used to mean an indicator that draws horizontal lines on a chart to show possible areas of high probability where the market might hesitate or turn. But those lines only distract traders from seeing the real reason for entering a trade and exiting based on a Forex signal and trading strategy that not only actually works but also gets the best part of profit that is available from a move on any time frame.
What is a real “turning point” in a financial market whether it is Forex, stocks, commodities, or futures? How do you know when the market is turning in one direction and how do you know after an Forex signal that it will continue? How do you know when the market will stop or turn again so that you should exit?
“But at the bottom, sell at the top” is a saying we often hear in financial markets but considering that the entire industry is trying to do that but often failing how is it possible to gain some real skill in knowing these elusive “turning points” or the real “pivot points” in trading?
There is a way to know that the market is turning. There is a way to know the most likely pattern that will form after a pivot point or real turning point occurs so and a way to know when that move is really coming to an end and the trader should exit or take profit. Obviously not everyone can see this but for a few professional traders there are clear identifiable Forex signals that show the points that represent trading opportunities for maximum profit, low risk to reward and high win to loss ratio.

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