Music producer from India, who also goes by the name of ‘MetroGnome’ shows how he makes beats using a digital instrument called ‘Maschine’. Watch this video and see how he uses his beatpad and creates amazing tunes and sounds.

The Maschine is an instrument made by Native Instruments and is being used because it can carry a lot of different sounds in it at once. Every music producer has their own way of producing music, using their own choice of instruments. Having been a drummer in the past, he was attracted towards Maschine and decided to make it his primary instrument of choice.

MetroGnome has been creating music for the last 8 years. Being a self taught musician, he started off as a guitarist, then started playing the piano, then drums, and finally got into electronic music and started experimenting with digital music. He has been previously featured in the Rolling Stone Magazine, with a four star rating. His passion for music brought him all the way to LA to live his dream.

A few months ago, MetroGnome started a youtube channel, where he has more videos of himself making music using his beat pad, Maschine. When he found out that people are liking his music, it motivated him to get even better at it and his skills have shown him to be a very talented music producer.



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