The last time I bought a travel pillow was about 15 years ago before leaving with my wife for our first trip overseas. We had a great time in France, but a very uncomfortable flight there and back. I’m not used to sitting that long… ever! And the travel pillow I got just wasn’t all that comfortable. In fact, despite being exhausted, I wasn’t able to sleep a wink. The fun we had on our trip made the discomfort of getting there more than worth it, but our travel pillows went to the back of some closet upon our return & have never come out again.
Anyway, so this past summer, when we were planning to return to France for a couple weeks, our daughter-in-law, who takes a lot of trips with her work, gave us both a travel pillow from a company called Cabeau Travel.
I have to say that that was a wonderfully thoughtful gift! And after using these things for about 20 hours on our flight, I can say that they are the best travel pillow, the most comfortable travel pillow I’ve ever used. People kept asking where we got them. Even the flight attendant asked us. And…I was actually able to sleep on the flight! Ahhh!
We got the memory foam ones. I have since learned that they have micro-bead ones and an inflatable travel pillow as well. The memory foam squished down really small though, and were super comfortable, so we were really happy with the ones we got.
I don’t know when we’ll take our next trip, but these pillows have not made their way into any closets. We’ve actually used them a number of times just as a neck pillow. And we have loaned them out twice to our kids. Once for our daughter who was taking a long flight back east and once to our son for his 14 hour drive up to Lake Tahoe. He assured us that he would only use it when he was in the passenger’s seat.
We have even taken ours with us on a couple of RV trips & they’ve made a great addition that have now become an absolute necessity.
Anyway, if anyone is looking for something like this, I can tell you that you couldn’t go wrong with one of these! My daughter-in-law said that she got them directly on the Cabeau Travel website, but I think that Amazon sells them too.


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