If you need cash and you have unwanted Gold Jewelry then consider the information contained in this video. When making the decision to sell your gold jewelry, what is most important to you? There are 2 basic things that all consumers should consider before selling their gold to any buyer, whether online or more traditionally at local jewelry store or pawn shop.
FIRST,  How quickly do you need to get your money?
If you need cash fast then without a doubt the more traditional route will make more sense for you. At a local jewelry store, you can sell your unwanted gold items literally in few minutes. The same goes for pawn shops. You walk in with your items; you walk out with your money. Couldn’t be an easier than that. But if you are willing to wait a few days, an online gold refiner may be your best option.

SECOND, Do you need a level of anonymity?
Obviously, walking into your local pawn shop and plopping down $500 worth of gold is not very anonymous. If you need to put a little extra cash in your pocket by selling some personal items, then there is really no true way to be completely anonymous. But if there was a way you could sell your items without meeting someone face to face, wouldn’t that make a great option?
And that’s where online gold buyers can offer a level of anonymity. Yes they will need your personal information to get you your funds, but at least it can all be done online and through the mail. You won’t have to meet anyone face to face or even speak with anyone over the phone.




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