Garcinia Cambogia has rapidly turned out to be the leading fat burning and weight loss product on the market, particularly after the well appreciated TV doctor, Dr. Oz Mehmet recommended it. However, for many people, this is a completely new product and thus very little is known about it. Therefore the first problem becomes, what is Garcinia cambogia side effects?

According to the well respected TV doctor, Dr Oz, for many people there are no common Garcinia Cambogia side effects. Just like any other weigh loss supplement, nursing mothers or pregnant women should not take Garcinia cambogia without their doctors’ permission. This does not mean that Garcinia cambogia is un-safe for nursing or pregnant mothers, but it is just more of a safety precaution. Also, it is recommended that diabetic people should avoid taking Garcinia cambogia before consulting their doctors since this product might cause problems with their low blood sugar-levels.
It is very important for you to also mind your prescription. It is suggested that you should consume 500mgs of 50 percent extract about 30 minutes prior to every meal. Though, you can consume all the way up-to 1,000 mgs before every meal. However, you need to ensure that you keep your consumption below 3,000 mgs per day since Garcinia cambogia loses its effect past that point.
It is also advisable that you should carefully evaluate all the ingredients and inspect the label of the Garcinia cambogia before using it. Make sure that there are no filler-ingredients since such materials can make these supplement less effective and can also have negative effects on someone’ health. Therefore, you need to look for a supplement which has no fillers and with proven ingredients.
Finally, it is very important to make sure that the supplement you purchase is from a registered lab. It is also vital to drink at-least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, while being on this weight loss diet.

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