There is a big difference between buying gold because some well known “expert” said that it will go up forever and actually learning how to trade gold and silver using sound proven trading strategies. One is based on blind ignorance and emotion while the other is based on a specific visual cue or trading signal that represents a known phenomenon in market behavior known as “the beginning of a trend”. No matter how much the world loves gold with passion and emotion all financial markets go through the same market cycles and continuous patterns of trends and corrections.

Buying gold because someone recommends it is a completely different process from buying gold because a trader recognizes a buying opportunity through technical analysis. I see many people buying gold at the top of it’s cycles on any time frame and then wondering why the price went down after they bought it. If they had looked at a chart and learned to recognize the proven strategy for recognizing the beginning of a trend then they would not experience that disappointing problem.

This technique has now been demonstrated and tested over months and years by the traders of the Yin Yang Forex Training System and their legendary Platinum Trading Group which is often considered to be far more profitable than the group once known as the Turtle Traders. Several of the members have gone on to form their own managed funds or trade for other firms. Some prefer to disappear to exotic beaches and trade their own accounts.

It’s important to trade for profit and not for emotion. In most cases a trader can do as good or better trading a currency pair or another instrument rather than gold. But people often buy gold because of the feeling of prestige, security, and other misleading emotions. Another important point is that the strategy for trading gold and silver is exactly the same as for trading any other instrument. What works in trading tends to work for stocks, commodities, Forex, futures and metals. If you really want to know how to trade gold and silver the most effective way to do this in the shortest amount of time with the maximum amount of actual skill that you can demonstrate through consistent profit in your own account, is to contact the Yin Yang Forex Training System and get started with their live sessions in the Platinum Trading Group.

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