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  • dieting gets easier with tastey diet drink

    For the first time since university I am on a diet. Somehow, I’ve become a calorie-counter, someone who weighs out porridge oats and drinks herbal tea. In other words, the kind of person I’ve always pitied. The thing is, I’m actually quite enjoying it! The fasting diet, otherwise known as the 5:2 because of the […]

  • weight loss without exercise

    If you are looking for a weight loss supplement that will not only help you cut off those extra pounds but will enable you to do so in the shortest possible time, your sure bet is LipoSlim. Made from green coffee beans and maqui berry, LipoSlim is the most healthy and efficient weight loss supplement […]

  • the paleo diet shows a new healthier way

    Paleo Recipe Book Review- Changing Your Life One Recipe at a Time More and more people have been taking advantage of the Paleo diet as a way to lose weight and also improve their overall health. There is no surprise that one of the reasons why our Paleo ancestors were so healthy is because they […]