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  • authentic talent sings Its a Mans World

    authentic talent sings Its a Mans World

    This is my cover of ‘It’s a Man’s World’ originally sung by the great man himself James Brown. I would like to thank my family and Matt Thompson for their guidance and support, giving me the confidence to record this cover. I look forward to reading your comments on my YouTube channel and please do […]

  • Death Audio a band that never gives up, and loves music till death

    Death Audio, a band that never gives up, and loves music till death. Rocking out stages from the land down under Australia, Death Audio has not only given us amazing hard hitting melodic music, but has demonstrated that they understand the music business, and knows how to gain a solid fan base not only in […]

  • music so great you gotta move

    August 2012 New song. DILLINGERFORCE – Bran’ Nu. Reggae Dancehall meets rave …. ravin’ Dancehall 2012. Reggae 2012. BUY FREE download here Dancehall just took a new twist. Dancehall 2012. Reggae 2012. New song new song new song.august 2012 Release date 15th August 2012. Reggae music with a pop twist. From the island […]

  • Simple way for musicians to publish

    Explore the amazing FameLegit! – the simplest way for everyone to publish, collect and share music. You can create your fun portfolio or collection effortlessly. It’s the best place for musicians to share music

  • Machine makes music by self taught musician

    Music producer from India, who also goes by the name of ‘MetroGnome’ shows how he makes beats using a digital instrument called ‘Maschine’. Watch this video and see how he uses his beatpad and creates amazing tunes and sounds. The Maschine is an instrument made by Native Instruments and is being used because it can […]