The truth about anti-inflammatory foods. Inflammation in the human body can be caused by many types of health disorders, illnesses and diseases. One thing they have in common is there association with pain. Back pain, joint pain, muscular pain and just about every type of pain you can think of has inflammation associated with it.

It is no wonder that people with inflammatory arthritis, for example, seek out anti inflammatory foods which can help relieve the inflammation and the pain. Of course, millions seek relief from inflammatory arthritis through anti inflammatory pills and pain killers. But they too can have side effects that involve inflammation in different parts of the body. An example is NSAIDs and their well documented damage to the digestive system which can be fatal, not just painful.

We are lucky that foods that can help relieve inflammation include some easily available and often very tasty fruits, spices and vegetables. Six of the best anti-inflammatory foods are squash, kale, turmeric, blueberries, sweet potato and garlic. All of these anti inflammatories make great ingredients for most cuisines around the world, so can easily form part of an anti-inflammatory diet.

There are many other anti inflammatory foods which have a legitimate claim to be among the best to include in your diet, so the 6 “best anti inflammatory foods” which are mentioned above and in the video can easily be added to. You could compile quite a long list of such types of food that may help you reduce back pain or other joint pain. There are sure to be some that you like. Everyone has individual tastes, and each individual may respond differently to the same food in terms of relieving or aggravating inflammation.

Some experimenting with anti inflammatory fruits, vegetables, and other foods is a good idea. To get the best results you do need to monitor the differences, if any, in the level of pain and inflammation after eating particular foods. At least with good tasting foods you can enjoy the process of testing their affects on your spine, knee joint, hip joint or wherever you might normally suffer pain.


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