According to statistics released by NPMA/University of Kentucky Bugs Without Borders Survey, 95{51bc2a822540e364ed7e2dad41e48c02ef5045154e9029457596ac9a83f79f02}
of U.S. based pest management companies have encountered a bed bug infestation in the past
year. These numbers came as no surprise to Jim Lopez, spokesperson for Pinnacle Pest Control, a Sacramento Pest Control company in business for over 30 years.
Says Lopez, “We have certainly seen a rise in the number of cases of bed bugs in the last several
years.” Says Lopez. “Both commercial and residential customers are seeing cases of of bedbugs, so
we have to be extra vigilant. Bed Bugs are excellent hitchhikers, and are often very capable of
traveling with an unsuspecting host. They commonly travel in luggage, backpacks, or even in
clothing to any destination. Infestations can be spread by a visiting friend, or by even by a domestic
help worker. These bugs have been found in airplane seats, trains, cabs, hotel rooms, and even
doctor’s offices.”
Lopez explains that these tiny bugs are often mistaken for other creatures. “Bed bugs are small
parasitic insects that feed on the blood of animals. Adult bed bugs will have a reddish-brown color
with flattened oval-shaped bodies that are about ΒΌ inch in length. They have segmented abdomens
with microscopic hairs that give them a banded appearance. They may be mistaken for other
insects, such as booklice, small cockroaches, or carpet beetles, however when warm and active,
their movements are more ant-like, and like most other bugs, they emit a characteristic disagreeable
odor when crushed.”
While some victims of bedbugs have virtually no side effects of bits, others do. Lopez warns,
“Though many people have no reaction to Bed Bug bites, some experience small red welts that
often appear in a line or cluster and may be itchy or painful. Serious health problems can occur if the
bites become infected.”
Lopez emphasizes that one treatment is not a fit for all situations. “Pinnacle Pest Control offers
various methods of bed bug extermination that combine proven eradication techniques so that we
can, in many cases, offer immediate relief for an infestation. Our experienced and thorough
technicians follow a strict extermination protocol and leave no stone unturned while respecting your belongings. We do an inspection for bed bugs, a heat treatment, and a crack and crevice treatment,
coming back to your home for repeat treatments if necessary.”

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