Tokyo Dentists take care of teeth. Tourists concern Asia from all over the world to capitalize on economical and premier cosmetic and cosmetic surgery treatments.

However in exactly what could be a new trend in Japan has us wondering how many individuals will be flying in for extra dental work that promises to make teeth appear jagged.

Maybe your folks invested thousands on fixing your wonky teeth all those years back.

However chances are, if you were born in Japan, it was more like zero– the absence of orthodontists is one reason having a mouth full of straight teeth isn’t really such a big deal here.

In fact, in some circles that goofy look is downright preferable, which leads us to the information that a Ginza-based dental clinic has actually just begun providing fake misaligned teeth to those blessed with more generally “lovely” pearly whites.

Smile and bare it

Dental Salon Plaisir says its Tsuke-yaeba– or Stick-on Crooked Teeth– will impart that preferable “imperfect” want to men and women alike, making them more appealing to the opposite sex.

The theory behind that somewhat odd strategy is that traditional appeal has the tendency to scare away shy suitors, whereas a more down-home look also makes it easier for these suitors to approach and start up a conversation.

Tokyo Dentists take care of teeth

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