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Valorant Gameplay Highlights
The video contains Valorant gameplay while inside of the closed beta, which is owned and operated by Riot Games. The content is very high level and requires a lot of skill in order to play at this level. The closed beta was restricted through access to the twitch drops, so playing this was an absolute delight. Moving forward I will be excited to see how high I can climb in the public access to this limited game. Within the video itself are several clips or snippets of gameplay from the three various maps; bind, split, and haven. Also included in the video are various agents that are used. Each agent has unique utility that allows the player to provided different things for the team, such as; scouting for enemies, dealing damage to enemies, or even healing allies. The overall focus of the game is to plant the spike or stop the enemy from planting the spike in a targeted area. The premise might be simple, but how you achieve this can vary. It is important to play as a team in order to achieve this.

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