I found this video about lawn care marketing. The author of this video brings up some interesting new points about ranking your lawn care business on Google. One of the first being how after the recent algorithm updates, YouTube videos are now being featured more prominently in the search results. This means that one of the easiest ways of getting your landscape business more exposure online is to use video.
He breaks it down step by step on using the right keywords in both the description and title. A little known technique is to write your own captions, and set your location correctly. The making of your video is equally important. Choosing the appropriate photos to use in the slide presentation matters a great deal. People are used to seeing polished television commercials. Although most people lack the technical skills to achieve that, the lawn care business video shows software that can be used to create similar effects. There are many types of video creation software and he lays out the better ones, as well the best sources to find appropriate landscaping photos.
The most important part of this video is how the internet now drives far more lawn care and landscaping sales. The old style of marketing using door hangers and flyers is just not effective in 2012. When you compare the cost of PPC advertising versus ranking you’re your lawn care business naturally, there is no comparison in ROI. One of the major drawbacks of running paid advertising online is that the cost per click of your ads just keeps rising.
Traditional SEO has taken a beating since the Google Penguin update. On the other hand, video sharing sites have gained increased authority. You can use this secondary authority to your advantage with video marketing. Not only that, but YouTube is now the second largest search engine, and grows every day.
Given the rise of smart phones, many people now carry an internet ready computer in their purse or pocket. This means that if you want more landscaping customers in 2013 and beyond, it just makes sense to use video and the internet to grow your lawn care business.

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