This is another one of the most important videos that you’ll watch if you have any interest in trading Forex or trading any fincancial market such as stocks, commodities, futures, metals, etc. Once you tried every trading method available (this could take years) you will most likely come back to realize that the best Forex system is the one that produces consistent profit through all market conditions.
If you have ever been involved in trading you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about and you’ll know that this is true and this is they way to get the results you’re looking for.
I called this video “the TIger Stalks its Prey” because it sounds more exciting than”Sitting on your butt and not doing anything for long periods of time” but the truth is that is exactly what is absolutely necessary for success in the trading business and you can easily prove that to yourself by looking at any chart.
Once you gain the visual skills of seeing how the market forms trends and correction on all time frames you can see that these formations show you where there are trading opportunities. You will experience once and for all the best Forex system. Then you can go to each time frame and see what is likely to be the next entry or exit on that time frame. You can measure the amount of time that its likely to take and how long is has taken in the past for a trend to form and a correction to form.
This concept is not suggesting a trading strategy that is imposed on you for you to agree or disagree with or for you to like or not like. It shows you where the market forms trading opportunities on each time frame and no trading method will cause there to be other trading opportunities or other market movements other than those that you see on your own charts. The best Forex system is the one that reveals when to enter a trade based on natural cycles the market itself is making.

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