Don’t Choose the Wrong Family Photographer,when choosing your family photographer or photography studio, it’s important that you consider each member as well as the family unit’s needs. With so many options available it’s sometimes hard to know where to start. You need to make sure to hire someone who will do your family proud. After all, these photos are going to be keepsakes that will last for generations. How do you want to be remembered?

One thing to consider when hiring a photographer is whether or not you want your photos inside or outside. The best studios will offer versatility and offer to take your pictures outside, but also offer a world-class studio where appropriate lighting can be achieved for indoor poses.

You will want to make sure to get plenty of samples of photos that your photographer has done in the past, to make sure they can handle lighting situations in many environments, indoors and outdoors. Your photos are an investment, and you don’t want to hire an amateur. Common outdoor venues for family portraits include nature backdrops such as mountains, rock formations, sunsets, beaches, grassy fields and more. It’s common for families to utilize the features of their surrounding nature to showcase their local heritage in their photos. Make sure your studio has examples of a variety of creative poses and not just the typical “say cheese” pose. You want to hire a pro, not an Instagram self-proclaimed expert.
Another thing to consider is whether or not your photographer is skilled at post-photography editing and touch-up, generally done with programs like Photoshop. A skilled photographer will have proficient skills in these photo editing software programs, in order to correct flaws in the photos like red-eye, but also to enhance the photos and even add effects like black-and-white.
In this day in age, it’s important to get your photos in digital form as well as whichever prints you want. Having your photos digitally will of course let you save them for pretty much ever. You’ll also be able to easily share your photos on Facebook and email to your extended family members. Also, if your physical photos ever wear out, you can always go back and get new prints.

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