Darling Gails blend house pop, EDM rap, and techno beats, creating infectious and eclectic music. Dive into the visual and auditory experience of “Blow The System” and discover why they’re rising stars in the indie dance scene.

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This lyric video for the deep cut track “Blow The System” by American – Puerto Rican LGBT hyperpop duo Darling Gails features a curated selection of images to accompany and enhance the listening experience. Visually, you get to see and understand Darling Gails’ artistic identity via a series of chaotic short clips from horror films and social media exemplifying the lyrics of the song. The song itself is tongue-in-cheek and very energetic.

The artists are a duo comprised of a gay man and a trans woman who met over social media and bonded over a love of schlocky horror films and sugary fast pop music. Their musical style is eclectic and features everything from radio-friendly house pop to EDM rap and even hardcore techno beats.

Their debut album is a fever dream of infectious pop rhythms and intense, abrasive, earworms. Their second album will double down on showing their musical versatility while being more polished and thematically cohesive.

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