I am from London, UK and initially joined Empower Network back in November but did not take action because it was via PayPal for international members and I did not want my PayPal account banned!

But now the E-Wallet is available I started with a fresh account just over a month ago and built a team of 17 and earned over $2,000 commissions and am making a really big push from here on in.

Is the Empower Network Honest Review I have also tried in include some aspects I would like to see improved about Emower Network to help add some non-hypey credibility.

So I go through by Basic Level, Empower Network Inner Circle Review, and a Costa Rica Intensive and 15K Formula Review.

In general I am a big believer in the Empower Network Products and I am “all in” and own them all. There are a few things here and there that would be cool to improve in the future, but I have wasted lots of money on training products in the past and can confirm that Empower Network Products are the real deal.

I know lots of people will be doing a Google search looking for YouTube Empower Network Review videos and want to find out whether there is an Empower Network scam going on.

So I thought I would come up with a non-hypey, reliable and trustworthy review to put people’s minds at rest.

It will be excellent to work with you at my Empower Network Team. In addition to the fast start training I reveal my advertising sources and promotion methods with you and you also get access to our own team community forum with much more detailed training than included at the initial Empower Network Blogging System. What do you think about this Empower Network Review

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