learn about LED Cockpit Lighting for Aircraft Interior

CRAZEDpilot Cockpit Lighting System includes over 5 feet of flexible LED light strips utilizing 3M brand adhesive which can be cut down to any length. The System includes a digital dimmer control, black panel-mount control knob, along with detailed instructions and wiring diagram. Weighs a minuscule 2.5 ounces once installation is complete!

LED flexible light strips are 8mm wide and 3mm thick created from flexible PC-board technology with a clear coating made of vinyl and a black background, that way they almost disappear when they aren’t turned on! They can be bent to 2inch curves with no problem at all to fit in those tight places in your panel! All adhesives use a 3M brand product.

The digital dimmer control uses pulse technology to prevent heat generation and current draw commonly found in inferior designs. This light system does not generate bulb heat – you will never melt or burn your interior OR yourself!

Check out this awesome new product here: http://www.crazedpilot.com/cockpit-lighting-system/


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